Alexx Stuart | Low Tox Life

Photography by Rob Palmer

Photography by Rob Palmer

2 minutes with Alexx Stuart
Occupation: educator, activist, change agent and now author
Business: Low Tox Life
Lives: Sydney East
Age: 41

What was the food culture of your family growing up and how does that compare with the one you’re creating for your own family now?
I've had a beautifully mixed food culture in my family. We're French/Mauritian on Mum's side and British on Dad's – so everything from French, Indian, Créole, African, British influences through our day-to-day eating. Plus a great whack of convenience-led takeaways, because I was a child of the 80s and that's what we all did. I guess the main difference now is a deeper understanding of where our food comes from. From my work and research I now place a stronger emphasis on produce rather than products.

What were you doing before you pursued your path into Low Tox Life?
I was in two industries before starting Low Tox Life. Firstly, Prestige Beauty and Fragrance and then what I called my quarter life crisis and starting in hospitality with a brief foray into singing in bars and nightclubs (as you do). Over time, I started to piece together why I often felt so dreadful. I felt called to share what I was learning, firstly with friends and family, and then the wider community. I want to share the information about what we put on us, in us as food and what we surround ourselves within our homes.

Where do you get your enthusiasm and energy from?
Helping people live their best lives and leave a healthier planet behind for our kids – that makes it pretty darn easy to wake up every day and be excited.

What are the most rewarding things about what you do?
Seeing people's life-changing comments once they've been through one of our courses; meeting people at talks and workshops, and receiving messages about how one of the podcasts was a game-changer for the health of their child. It honestly blows my mind and I'm so grateful for the beautiful exchange of energy between me and our community. Social media is the absolute last thing I would hand over to someone else in my team. I just love chatting with people, helping them, and working on puzzles together. It's the best!

If we were to visit, what recipe from Low Tox Life book would you prepare for us?
If we were going to have a long lunch, it'd be the Mauritian feast in my book. I love showing off Mauritian food – everyone always loves it. For dessert, we'd wait a couple of hours and then have the spiced fig gingerbread with a cup of Mauritian vanilla tea which always reminds me of my grandmère.

What is your favourite food indulgence?
85% chocolate. Not a day goes by without it.

Who was one of your favourite foodies that you’ve interviewed on your podcast and why
Jude Blereau (read our interview with Jude here). She is a dear friend and the fairy godmother of the whole-food movement here in Australia. Her passion for food and the joy you hear in her voice when she speaks about cooking is enough to carry you into the kitchen to cook for 20.

What is the one message you want the readers of your new book to takeaway from it?
That if you are wanting to make changes, do it at your pace and in your way so that all your changes resonate along the way. I am not your guru. There is no ‘perfect way’ to do a low tox life and if you're feeling overwhelmed or guilty - don't! You can't be hard on yourself for what you didn't know yesterday. Just get excited for what you are going to change from today, now that you know differently.

Alexx’s book is called Low Tox Life: A handbook for a healthy you and a happy planet (Murdoch Books) and is available now, check it out here. You can also follow Alexx on Instagram @lowtoxlife

Interview by Amanda Kennedy. Amanda is an artist currently doing a writing degree. You can find her on Instagram @artbyamandakennedy