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Laundry Day at Anchovy

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Laundry Day at Anchovy with Alanna Sapwell, Jo Barrett and Lauren Eldridge

The fourth instalment of Anchovy’s Sunday Series, this one dubbed ‘Laundry Day’, with Alanna Sapwell (Saint Peter), Jo Barrett (Oakridge Winery) and Lauren Eldridge (Stokehouse) at the helm. 

The chefs are having a good scrub at the problem of wastage so expect the glory of produce on the plate, from the fleshy bits to the fun bits through to the odd bits. Join us as the kitchen gets creative with the less alluring side of food prep – the off-cuts and the by-products.

The Sunday Series at Anchovy gives an alternate voice to that age-old question – ‘What are we eating?’. From our socially constructed cultural identity through to practices in a post-industrialised economy that champions both self-reliant agriculture and reclaiming produce-specific waste, we are what we eat. 

24 Jun Sunday, bookings from 11am
A la carte menu, Bookings essentials
Call Anchovy on 03 9428 3526 or email

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