Sarah Leung (VIC)

Who is she: Sarah Leung
What is she doing: dietitian and founder of Alg Seaweed
Where can I find her: Melbourne
Instagram @alg_seaweed

Sarah completed a Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics degree in 2009 and has worked as a clinical dietitian since then. Opening her own wellness centre in 2014 Healthy Energy she was able to share with her clients her passion for food and cooking. She wanted her next project to be an innovative food product that could solve common health issues. Using the nutritional qualities of seaweed packed with iodine*, Sarah developed the seaweed sprinkles that are now part of Alg seaweed brand, with more new products to be developed this year.

* “Iodine plays an important role in making thyroid hormones and these hormones regulate our body’s metabolism. It is also a crucial nutrient for intellectual and cognitive development during childhood. The best sources of iodine are seaweed, oysters and fish followed by dairy products and eggs. Eating a variety of these foods on a regular basis can ensure we are meeting our daily requirement.”

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