Kim Galea | Pitchfork Restaurant

Attempting to live the dream…
by Kim Galea

Kim Galea is co-owner of Pitchfork Restaurant at Peregian Beach & Fior di Latte Gelataria in Mooloolaba, with husband Craig Galea. When not churning gelato at the wharf, she is running her two boys to and from soccer fields on the Sunshine Coast and enjoying great food and wine with friends!

We all have a vision of what our future will look like, for us it was some land, just big enough to have a veggie patch and raise some animals along with children.

We purchased land on the Sunshine Coast and then packed up our van and travelled around Australia working for several years.

On the way home one of our stops was Maggie Beers’ farm shop in South Australia,

Now this is the dream! , a beautiful spring fed dam, guinea fowl, ducks all just cruising around,

I had found what I imagined our life to be like

Fast forward to moving back home and the creation of this dream,

Spring fed dam … Council declined application after application, and after a long process we could not go further with it

Veggie garden… Not enough sun, move to another spot , bugs and grubs eating prized possessions and a whole watermelon patch destroyed by one possum! (Happy to say we now have a thriving garden after trial and error)

Animals… every spare moment is spent, making fences, building sheds, pens,

Then pulling these down and starting again as they were in the wrong spot, or made incorrectly or the dog keeps getting out!

The balancing act of running businesses, kid’s school & sports and constant maintenance on the “dream” can be a bit much at times , But the joy of eating what you created outweighs it every time.

Every family has a different approach to explaining where food comes from to kids,

We have not really put much thought into it, they have followed our conversations and watched what we do so it comes natural to them to know how the cycle works for us

We have two new piglets, Oscar and Archie what would you like to call them?

Oscar: I’ll call mine… Bacon

Archie: Then I’ll call mine Sausage!

So they do know how it all happens and what those delicious pigs will turn into!

A few awkward conversations, when neighbours and friends come over for a BBQ and ask what happened to our duck? , ‘We ate that last night’ states Oscar,.

Although we still have a bit of work to do, our youngest Archie is not 100% sure what a Beef is!

And then one day,

Getting breakfasts ready and the house is silent, I look at the window and no joke there are two guinea fowl cruising around on the lawn.

I take a moment and realise ‘holy crap! I am literally living the dream’.

Then the loud noise of the kids waking and thundering down the stairs like a heard of elephants, brings me back to reality.

I take one last look outside, just in time to see the dog chasing the two guinea fowl down the driveway and banishing them back to where they came from.

Oh well, we almost had it all!

If you are keen to connect with Kim and exchange stories about running regional restaurants you are welcome to email her at